I can usually provide a fixed price quotation for the majority of my Design Services. In this way my clients will have a clear indication of their design costs at the outset of the project, with no speculative costs or hidden ‘extras’.

Free of Charge…

Quotations are provided free of charge with no obligation and will include full details of my design fees, the local authority fees applicable to the project, and any additional costs and/or disbursements considered relevant to completing the design process for the particular project.

Project Appraisal…

Every building project is unique, both in terms of its design and the extent of the design service required by the client. Therefore, all quotations are individually assessed after an initial Project Appraisal and discussion with the client regarding their project proposal. This ensures that I provide a competitive quotation based on the extent and complexity of the particular scheme and client’s specific requirements for the design work to be commissioned.

I do not give ‘blind’ quotations over the telephone or charge a ‘blanket fee’ for a particular category of project. Also, unlike many other architectural service providers, I do not base my design fees purely on the size of the development, or on the contract value of the building works. If your project is simple and straightforward, this will reflect in my quotation regardless of the size or value of your project.

For help with determining your particular design requirements, please refer to the Design Packages section.